Carbinox Titan Pro Review: Rugged Smart Watch

Carbinox’s Titan Pro rugged smartwatch is known worldwide for its durability, even in harsh weather conditions. It has upgraded features that are perfect for all outdoor activities, from adventures to everyday outdoor commuting.

This article presents a Carbinox Titan Pro watch review that explores the new smartwatch’s unique features, design, and performance. We will provide you with research on how upgrades can best suit your outdoor smartwatch and contribute to making it the right companion for your adventure travels.

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Carbinox Titan Pro Watch Review

Carbinox has designed another rugged smartwatch with unique features suitable for adventure enthusiasts. The Carbinox Titan Pro smartwatch is sturdy and durable, water-resistant, shock-proof, dustproof, drop-proof, and offers a variety of health and sports features at an affordable price.

This feature supports adventurers, daily commuters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Most importantly, it undoubtedly supports Bluetooth calling, making it a practical and versatile companion for various activities. Carbinox watch reviews provide insight into smartwatch features for your reference.


The Carbinox Titan Pro smartwatch retains the rugged, industrial look that Carbinox is known for. It comes with a sturdy and durable metal frame and a PC body design with a power button and back button on the side. The mechanical design makes it look attractive and unique among other smartwatches.

Carbinox Titan Pro

It is currently available in Night Black and Sky Blue, soyou can check out the other colours on their website. The Titan Pro features an impressive IP69K rating, making the smartwatch water and dust-resistant.

So you can wear it in water up to 50 meters deep or while cycling on a dusty road. The durable and flexible silicone strap with steel buckle also fits perfectly on your wrist and keeps your watch secure during outdoor activities.


The Titan Pro’s generous display size gives you a large canvas with various watch faces. The wide range of watch features makes it a versatile companion for making calls, receiving social media notifications, and more.

Carbinox Titan Pro Rugged Smart Watch

The Titan Pro’s full touch screen has a 1.85-inch IPS LCD screen. The 280 x 320 pixels colour screen provides satisfactory graphics and clear images. Additionally, a panda-tempered glass covers the display to prevent scratches.


Discover a durable, stylish, rugged, yet affordable smartwatch. It’s pretty good for an adventurer like you. Additionally, although the Carbinox Titan Pro watch is water-resistant, it is not recommended for use while swimming or in heavy rain.

The Carbinox website describes the watch’s rigorous testing in various outdoor conditions. The Titan Pro can withstand weights of up to 10,000 lbs and extreme temperatures (-22F to 150F). Shock- and scratch-resistant design will protect you from drops and scratches for years.

Carbinox Titan Pro watch

Like all Carbinox watches, the Titan Pro is built using sturdy materials that ensure the smartwatch stays connected and doesn’t get damaged during welding, woodworking, mechanical work, construction, and more than expose people to harsh outdoor conditions.


One noteworthy feature is the long battery life thanks to the sturdy lithium polymer battery. The 380mAh large-capacity battery ensures the watch’s long lifespan, allowing it to stay up to 12 days on regular use despite its large display and rugged design.

Features of the Carbinox Titan Pro smartwatch

Let’s look at Carbinox watch features, especially the impressive Titan Pro. This modern watch goes beyond traditional wristwatches and boasts health monitoring features that track vital signs and activity, including an accurate heart rate monitor and blood oxygen monitoring system.

Bluetooth call support

Carbinox Titan Pro supports Bluetooth calling with advanced Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof speakers. You can save your mobile phone number and make and receive calls from your wrist without using your smartphone.

This is an essential feature for users who want to keep all their calls and messages updated and don’t want to miss any of them. Titan Pro has Hi-Fi speakers and a microphone, making calling easy and fun. The smartwatch supports dial keys, a phonebook, and call logs.

Intelligent notifications

Along with Bluetooth calling, the Carbinox Titan Pro smartwatch also supports intelligent notifications to connect you to essential information. Receive SMS notifications and read messages directly on your watch. It also helps app notifications so you can stay updated with statements from social media apps.


Carbinox’s music controls allow you to play, pause, and stop music when connected to your smartphone. Pair your smartphone with Titan Pro to listen to your favourite music on the go.

Weather updates

Titan Pro can help you know the weather conditions in your area. It provides real-time weather updates right on your wrist so that you can plan your camping trip accordingly.

Health update function

Titan Pro offers basic health monitoring features for anyone interested in health. Check your heart rate on the go, at work, or at rest, and conveniently monitor it 24 hours a day from your wrist. The watch also supports blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring whenever needed.

The smartwatch-enabled app displays a complete graph of status updates whenever needed. However, these numbers are for reference only and are not intended to diagnose any health condition.

Carbinox uses advanced features to help you stay healthy by providing accurate health updates. With a few swipes on your watch, you can receive health updates such as heart rate tracking, oxygen measurement,  blood pressure, sleep mode, and sports features.

Carbinox Titan Pro is a great companion for health-conscious people and sports enthusiasts. The high-tech wearable device has a sports monitoring feature that supports more than 20 sports modes, including mountain adventures, walking, running, ball games, cycling, hiking, bicycle racing, and many other outdoor sports.

These sports modes track your steps, calories burned, distance and mileage. Park your Titan Pro on your smartphone using the Dafit app and see the difference!


Carbinox Titan Pro lists this rugged smartwatch’s exclusive features. Carbinox’s latest smartwatch offers a healthy mix of durability, technology, and user-friendly features best suited for outdoor adventurers.

However, the smartwatch does not have a built-in GPS, which may be disappointing for some users who rely on GPS for accurate tracking.

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